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Piano Tuning

Generally a piano should be tuned once a year.

However piano's vary as does the frequency of a piano's usage.

eg. If a student practices, or a piano is played for more than, or approx 2hrs per day the piano should be tuned at least twice a year.

Piano Teachers may require additional tunings per year due to the sheer number of students with different skill levels playing the piano on a daily basis.

Piano Regulation

Piano regulation should be checked at least once a year.

After a piano has been regulated, a further check on the regulation should be carried out.
Roughly within 3 months of the initial regulation,this gives the piano a chance to settle.
The piano should then, only require an occasional few minor adjustments (to allow for wear) to keep a crisp and even touch.

Piano Repairs

Long term use of a piano generally results in worn felts,cloths,broken or damaged piano action parts etc.

To retain a piano's quality, periodical maintenance should be carried out by a qualified Piano Technician